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The Scioto Mile Tour

Created by Elizabeth Roy on June 22nd 2018, 6:14:48 pm.

If you've come to enjoy Columbus's Scioto Mile or one of the events held along the river, like Red, White, and Boom, you'll find a lot more to see not far away. The Center of Science and Industry is one of the focal points of the Scioto Mile. Some of Columbus's noted historic churches and buildings, like The Athletic Club of Columbus, the LeVeque Tower, and Holy Cross Catholic Church are within walking distance. The Ohio Statehouse and Museum and the Ohio Theater form a cluster with these and other buildings. The site of the first Wendy's Restaurant and the Central Ohio Fire Museum require more of a walk, but kids will find them more interesting than the old buildings. Visit some or all of the sites suggested by this guide, and get to know the history of downtown Columbus a little better.