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The Nevins Library is significant as a well preserved institutional building, the only public/private library in Methuen. It was built as a result of the philanthropy of the family of mill owner David Nevins and was designed by recognized architect Samuel J.F. Thayer. This building was donated to Methuen by the Nevins family, who are associated with the development of the Methuen Cotton Mills, the infamous Pemberton mill of Lawrence, and numerous ventures, including Nevins Park, a residential section near the Library grounds. The Library is located on a landscaped tract with many imported trees and botanical specimens. The Nevins family graves are at the rear of the library, marked by a boulder and plaque. An 1896 statue by C. Moretti, titled "Angel of Life," is situated near the grave site. - Description courtesy of Dan Gagnon, historian.

  • The street-facing side of the Nevins Memorial Library
  • The interior of the original library building, now primarily study space.
  • The building's many stained glass windows are among its most famous features.
  • A eagle statue dominates the front of the building.
The Nevins Memorial Library is a functioning public library serving the Methuen area.