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The Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park is a symbol of the friendship between San Diego and its sister city, Yokohama, Japan. The twelve-acre garden was designed as an immersive experience for visitors and is intended to foster appreciation for Japanese culture. There are events, exhibits, festivals, and classes held on site. The design of the garden places an emphasis on simplicity and serenity in keeping with the principles of Japanese aestheticism. In addition to koi ponds, stone arrangements, walking paths, and Sukiya-style architecture, there are Japanese plants on display, including cherry trees that bloom in the garden each spring.

Japanese Friendship Garden sign

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Japanese Friendship Garden

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Japanese Friendship Garden

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The Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park was created to represent the friendship between the sister cities of San Diego, California, and Yokohama, Japan. By showcasing the beauty of both cultures, it invites visitors into an immersive learning and contemplative experience. The garden was also designed with the intention of highlighting the relationship between humans and the natural world. The selection of plants in the garden reflect the native flora of both San Diego and Yokohama.

In addition to emphasizing intercultural communication and appreciation, the landscape of the friendship garden was designed with the principles of simplicity and serenity in mind. The garden includes beautiful water features, stone arrangements, koi ponds, and Sukiya-style architecture in keeping with Japanese aestheticism. In addition, the Inamori Pavillion was designed according to sustainability guidelines, and it was awarded LEED certification for New Construction.

Set on a twelve acre plot of land, the Japanese Friendship Garden in Balboa Park is the site of year-round events and exhibits, as well as accredited horticultural classes and workshops open to the public. There are also festivals held on site. The mission of the garden is to "educate, engage, and inspire people of diverse backgrounds about Japanese culture and community legacy."

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