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Cleveland- University Circle Walking Tour
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The Cleveland Botanical Garden opened at its current site in 1966. It has both native and foreign flora, herbs, and flowers that thrive in Cleveland’s climate. In addition, it also opened The Glasshouse in 2003, which offers visitors a year-round peak at the spiny desert of Madagascar and the butterfly-filled rainforest of Costa Rica. The Glasshouse features 350 species of plants and 50 different types of butterflies, birds, and reptiles.

  • The Cleveland Botanical Garden houses a variety of special gardens and exhibits throughout the year.

Visitors can explore the arboretum, Gateway Garden, Perennial Border Restorative Garden, Inspiration Gardens, Children’s Garden, Japanese Garden, Terrace, Swetland Rose Garden, Swetland Topiary Garden, Herb Garden, and the Woodland Garden. The Botanical Garden is also home to the Eleanor Squire library. It houses a noted collection of horticultural, botanical, and gardening books.

The Garden offers a multitude of other learning experiences from special programming to “Learning Farms” that produce healthy food sold at in-house farmer’s markets and throughout Cleveland. Special school and family programming are also available.

Cleveland Botanical Garden is available for special events such as weddings, wedding photography, children’s birthday parties, and corporate events. In addition, there is a Garden Store, Garden Café, and the Guren Art Gallery, which features naturally-inspired art from local and national artists and rotating exhibits.

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