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Walking tour of Cazenovia, New York
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The Brae Loch Inn has been serving guests and visitors to Cazenovia since 1946, but the building itself, known as the Burr House, has a much longer history. Built around 1810 by an unknown owner, the house was sold to William Burr, a prosperous local merchant, in 1825. It remained in the Burr family keeping until the first half of the 20th century when it was converted to the inn and restaurant of today. Originally Federal in design the house featured tall thin pillars on the front of the building. Sometime around 1872, members of the Burr family renovated the structure in keeping with the popular Gothic Revival style of the time. Asymmetrically arranged gables and porches were added to achieve an effect reminiscent of the middle ages. The front and side porches have since been converted into dining and kitchen space for the restaurant, but the gables, chimneys and bay window of the Gothic design remain intact.

The Brae Loch Inn, c. 1955 (pre-addition)

The Brae Loch Inn, c. 1955 (pre-addition)
Cazenovia Public Library Archives.