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Walking Tour of Ironton Ohio Local History
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The Red Cross Drug Store was once operated by Dr. Charles Anthony "Carl" Hoffman from Ironton, OH. After working at the pharmacy for many years, Dr. Hoffman became a urologist and opened a clinic in Huntington, WV. In 1972, he was elected as the president of the American Medical Association. Dr. Hoffman's papers and medical library are housed at the Marshall University Special Collections in Huntington, WV at Accessions 1974/01.0094 and 1977/06.0189.

Courtesy of The Ironton Tribune

Courtesy of The Ironton Tribune
The Red Cross Drug Store building was completed by Dr. Hoffman's uncle, Leonard J. Hoffman, in 1898. Dr. Hoffman's father first operated an incandescent light supply company there before Emil Arnold opened the Red Cross Drug Store, which Dr. Hoffman managed. When Dr. Hoffman left for medical school in Cincinnati, Henry (Blue) Winters took over the pharmacy1. 

Besides the drug store, the building has been home to multiple businesses. The drug store basement had a Rathskeller. Beside the building was the New York Restaurant, operated by Gus and Nick Canavis, later known as the Busy Bee Restaurant. The Home Telephone Company occupied the two floors over the drug store until 1936. The Vanity Beauty Shoppe, Allyn Jewelers, and The Smart Shop have all occupied the property at one time1
1. The Ironton Tribune 2. The Dr. Charles "Carl" Hoffman Library of the History of Medical Sciences at the Marshall University Special Collections in the James E. Morrow Library, Accessions 1974/01.0094 and 1977/06.0189.