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Bridging the Divide: Museum Sites that Blend STEM and History
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New York Museum of Transportation was founded in the early 1970s as a home for Rochester trolleys that were removed from a private museum in Pennsylvania. The volunteer organization maintains and exhibits fourteen trolley cars in addition to a variety of horse-drawn vehicles, a steam locomotive, and other artifacts related to the history of transportation in upstate New York.

  • One of fourteen trolleys on display at the Rochester Museum of Transportation.
In addition to tours and educational programs, the museum offers a half-hour trolley ride through the countryside on one of the museum's 87 year-old trolley cars. The ride includes information about the interurban trolleys that operated years ago as they watch the conductor operate the trolley. In addition to the history of the trolley system, visitors can gain a sense of the mechanics of the trolley as the operator shows how the controls operate the electric motors and accelerate or slow the vehicle safely.  

In addition to tours, the museum also offers a STEM event in June for kids aged 3 through 12 that encourages kids to learn about the simple machines and technology involved in different types of transportation. 
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