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This marker commemorates the ten year period during which Omaha was the Nebraska territory's capital. At this location stood the second capitol building, which was built in 1857 (the first one was located on 9th street between Douglas and Farnam and was used between 1855-1857). On the first floor of the capitol was the Supreme Court, library, government offices, and on the second was the legislature and governor's office. Central High School now occupies the property.

  • The historical marker. 
Photo by: Paul Crumlish
  • View of the high school with the marker on the bottom right.
Photo by: Paul Crumlish
After Nebraska was granted statehood and Lincoln became the capital city, there was an attempt to use the building as a high school but it was deemed unsafe. So a new school was built in 1872. This was eventually torn down to make room for the current high school building which was constructed in 1912. Lincoln was chosen as the capital city since the population south of the Platte River was larger than that of the north's.
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