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Sidewalk Civics

Created by Humanities Kansas on December 12th 2022, 6:44:49 pm.

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What does American democracy look like? This tour explores the ways Kansans have memorialized democracy through statues, monuments, and civic architecture and examines contemporary stories of civic engagement through public art and public spaces that reflect an everchanging nation. Kansans value their democracy and you can see it in every town square, city hall, public library, and more. But where else can you see the stories – and visions – of democracy in our hometowns? This Clio tour was created by Humanities Kansas, the sponsor for the exclusive Kansas tour of the “Voices and Votes: Democracy in America” Smithsonian traveling exhibition. The exhibit explores the dynamic history of American democracy. The tour is made possible through the Museum on Main Street program. Visit for an overview of the Voices and Votes tour. Add your Sidewalk Civics site to the Clio tour! Learn how to create an entry by clicking here: