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Kansas City Crossroads Walking Tour

Created by Clio Admin on August 31st 2022, 4:19:49 am.

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This short walk through the heart of Kansas City's Crossroads District was designed to offer an introduction to both the neighborhood and the larger history of Kansas City. Starting at one of the early 20th century warehouses that now house an art gallery, the tour moves north to include several historic buildings related to Tom Pendergast and the Jazz Age, as well as one of his powerful predecessors who built a streetcar empire. The tour then explores the history of Nelly Don, the most powerful businesswoman in the garment industry before moving on to Kansas City's Automobile Row and several other historic buildings before returning to the starting point with stops at structures that are now home to art galleries. Demonstrating the rise of what was then known as Midtown, the tour then stops at the City Bank Building and the headquarters of the Kansas City Star before winding its way to a former candy factory. After a pause to enjoy a libation at Toms' Town Distillery, the tour continues with a former school that is now home to the Kansas City Symphony. The next stop is a series of representative buildings within the four-block area known as Film Row. Thanks to preservationists, many of the buildings where leading Hollywood Studios maintained offices have been repurposed. After visiting Film Row and the place where Walt Disney once worked, the tour turns south to return near the starting place with stops along the way at the iconic TWA Building, the Columbia Building, and Safeway Stores Office. Be sure to explore individual entries within Clio to discover landmarks and histories within the Crossroads District that were not included on this short tour.