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Frog Hollow Hartford Walking Tour
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Julie Bergeron created this installation in collaboration with Our Piece of the Pie, which is a local nonprofit aiming to empower youth. The three main panels each depict a stage in food production: first the food is harvested, then it is sold, and finally it is enjoyed! This garden is one of three sites in the Grow Hartford program.

The first two panels next to planter boxes

Sky, Cloud, Window, Building

The final panel and some recently added painted benches

Plant, Daytime, Green, Nature

Lindaluz Carillo: "This mural used to be on Park and Main at one point, but once it started building out the apartment, you know, they had to find a new location. This was that, which actually works a lot better, I think, just because it is closer to what we have already here in the garden. It's a nice addition."

Frog Hollow Oral History Research Team, “Public Garden,” Frog Hollow Oral History, accessed April 12, 2022,

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Julius Bourbeau

Julius Bourbeau