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Frog Hollow Hartford Walking Tour
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The Art Box Lot occupies a formerly vacant lot on Park Street. The space features a community garden, a projector wall for film screenings, and most notably, several large murals. Each of the murals have been designed by local artists and they celebrate the history and diversity of Frog Hollow. The Art Box Lot also frequently collaborates with nonprofits and other organizations to hold events.

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The "Love Your Block" Program provided the City of Hartford with a $1,000 grant in order to create The Art Box Lot. The project began in April 2019 with communicating with the residents of Frog Hollow about what they would like to see in such a space. Many community members even helped construct the lot, building garden boxes and installing benches. Lindaluz Carrillo and Mina Elise created the first mural which has since been painted over. New murals are being installed all the time, with the most recent one painted in April 2022 as part of the Trinity International Hip Hop Festival.

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Julius Bourbeau

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