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Victor Pacheco created this mural in 1997. It is painted on the side of the Caribe Auto Supply building and depicts the word "AIDS" in large block letters next to the flags of a variety of countries from across the globe and the faces of different people. The note in the bottom left hand corner of the mural reads "Dedicated to those struggling with HIV or AIDS". The piece challenges stereotypes about HIV/AIDS, asserting that anyone can be affected by the disease regardless of their identity.

Photograph thanks to the Liberal Arts Action Lab team

Paint, Orange, Font, Brick

The mural is currently fenced off and on private property, but is still viewable

Motor vehicle, Rolling stock, Track, Plant

Pacheco primarily works in sculpture, so this is a unique example of his work. He grew up in Hartford, but now lives and works in Worcester, MA.

Lindaluz Carillo: "The AIDS epidemic. Yeah, it was affecting a lot of cultures, you know? It wasn't just one particular. And I think the stereotype was that 'Oh, this specific group of people,' you know, 'queer, gay, trans', but it did impact a lot of people, people from different cultures, so I think it's just building awareness of that. It's not just one group."

Frog Hollow Oral History Research Team, “Aids,” Frog Hollow Oral History, accessed April 10, 2022,

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Frog Hollow Oral History Research Team

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