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Templo Fe is a church of the Pentecostal denomination founded by Pastor Julie Ramirez. Reverend Roberto Calcaño is the current pastor, who took over as Senior Pastor following Reverend Ramirez's death in 2016. He spent years learning under her guidance prior to this. The church offers services multiple days a week in Spanish. They also have their own radio program which broadcasts every Saturday morning at 9:00 at 100.1 FM.

Templo Fe's main building on Broad Street

Sky, Building, Window, Brickwork

Prior to its move to its current location on Broad Street, Templo Fe took up tentative residence on Main Street. This was in 1975, when Puerto Ricans in Frog Hollow were a relatively new presence. Many of the existing residents did not want the church to move to Broad Street, citing a predicted increase in traffic and housing costs. Templo Fe members, among others, suspected that the true reason for their disapproval was because the majority of Templo Fe's congregation was, and is, Puerto Rican. City Council accepted the request to move, however, and the church found a new home in what was once an abandoned school, due very much in part to Reverend Ramirez's efforts.

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