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Blackwater Rail Trail

Created by Friends of Blackwater, Inc on May 26th 2022, 9:03:28 pm.

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The Blackwater Canyon River Rail Trail dates back to 1888 when it was used to haul coal and timber through the canyon. It reflects changes in the economy over the past century, as it now serves as one of the leading attractions in a county that now focusses on heritage tourism and outdoor recreation; it still contains many of the former coke ovens and other remnants of the region's past and connects the community of Thomas with Coketon and Douglas. The trail begins along the North Fork of the Blackwater River in Thomas and winds past steep-walled strip mines and rows of beehive coke ovens that have been reclaimed by trees and wildflowers for nearly a century. The trail is accessible in Thomas, WV at the juncture of Rt. 32 and 27 or from Hendricks, Rt. 73.