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"Threading Through" Greenway Trail
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Walk across the street to Sweet Lew's Barbeque and you will see the mural covering the entire side wall of the building. Be prepared to spend a bit of time at this stop to see all of the detail in the mural.

Location: 923 Belmont Avenue at Sweet Lew’s Barbeque

Artist: SHE Originals

Date: 2020

Media: Acrylic paint

Artist Info: @sheoriginals

Daytime, Azure, Building, Graffiti

Story: SHE is a Charlotte native and contemporary artist with training in Germany, who is now back in Charlotte. This mural at Sweet Lew’s Barbeque is her first mural in Charlotte. Funds from the CARES act allowed artists all over Charlotte to paint murals and this one was commissioned by the NoDa Neighborhood Association with support from the business. Sweet Lew’s Barbeque moved into the neighborhood in 2018 when they renovated the former Belmont Car Care Center building.


Key Formal Elements:

·     Heavy use of outline, contour lines

·     Variety of different icons helps move your eye around


Make the Connection: If SHE was not a painter, it is possible SHE would be an historian as you will quickly find if you get a chance to talk to her. SHE loves her Charlotte history and in this mural the artist is celebrating all things NoDa, Belmont, and Optimist Park, the three neighborhoods that jointly form the Mill District. So many fun clues and landmarks are represented in the mural. Make sure you can find some of them, including the bright yellow sculpture at the entrance to Cordelia Park!