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"Threading Through" Greenway Trail
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Located near the Railroad underpass, this is a welcoming mural for the Belmont neighborhood. The artist depicts alot of historical structures and celebrates this community. Rosalia Torres Weiner is an important artist working here in Charlotte.

Title: Belmont Mural

Location: Seigle Avenue at Van Every Street

Artist: Rosalie Torres-Weiner

Date: 2021

Media: Acrylic paint

Artist Info: @redcalacastudio

Bright, colorful, images of the neighborhood are painted with a blue background on a retaining wall.

Story: This mural was funded by the City of Charlotte Placemaking Program and marks an important corridor in the Belmont Neighborhood. Rosalia Torres-Weiner is an “artivist,” an artist and activist who loves combining bright colors and shapes to be an activist for feminism, immigration issues, and the uplifting of unheard voices. The Belmont Community is located on Charlotte’s Northeast edge and is surrounded by NoDa, Villa Heights, Optimist Park, and Plaza Midwood. 

Key Formal Elements:

·     Polychromatic colors


Make the Connection: Much of the public art by Torres-Weiner tells a story. And here the story is about the Belmont neighborhood. The artist anchors the center of the neighborhood with the historic mill and includes some of the mill houses. Flowers, rays of sun, and decorative patterns all point to the revival of the neighborhood. Sadly, a part of the mural was defaced recently. On the right side, the artist added an image of her mother as a protector of her mural. Mural are in public space and occasionally are targeted by vandals. Thank you Rosalia for making this beautiful again!