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You'll have to look down to see this artwork since it is a mural on the street. Local artist Rosalia Torres-Weiner has two murals in the Belmont neighborhood so see if you can find elements in each that reflect her colorful, flower-inspired style.

Title: Belmont Street mural

Location: Harrill Street at Belmont Avenue

Artist: Rosalia Torres Weiner

Date: 2020

Media: Acrylic paint

Artist Info: @redcalacastudio

A bright mural with flowers, and colors is painted on the street.

Story: The City of Charlotte loves murals. The Urban Design Center and the Office of Sustainability supported local artists and filled Charlotte's streets with murals during the summer of 2020. Artists from the City's Placemaking Artist Pool installed street murals that captured the impact of COVID-19 and the resiliency and sustainability of our city. Rosalia Torres-Weiner is an "artivist," an artist and activist who loves combining bright colors and shapes to be an activist for feminism, immigration issues, and the uplifting of unheard voices.

Key Formal Elements:

  • Polychromatic color scheme
  • Lack of negative space as the artist fills the mural with shapes

Make the Connection: During the pandemic, the artist was inspired by her community and this mural represents that community. In this mural she celebrates the support, strength, and resilience of diverse community members as a way to get through difficult times. Note the circular shapes with the spikes on them as they represent the COVID-19 virus but also somewhat look like flowers. Find the crown for the City of Charlotte connection.