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Kansas City Missouri Women's Heritage Trail
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Carolyn Benton Cockefair was one of the most influential educators at the University of Kansas City. Known for her unorthodox methods, strong relationships throughout the community, and students who consistently credited her for their success, Cockefair was honored with the naming of the campus building that is now home to the English and History departments.

Carolyn Benton Cockefair

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born near Odessa, Missouri, on November 30, 1884. During a time when women faced limited opportunities, Conckefair accepted an offer from the University of Missouri and found her niche: teaching non-traditional students. She would continue to educate non-traditional students throughout her career, which spanned multiple universities and took her to many different cities throughout Missouri. Conckefair led the development of organizations for university women. and was honored through the creation of the Cockefair Chair, a fund established by her past students, that supports numerous events and programs.

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