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Designed by Lilian Rice and constructed in 1931, this building's original purpose was for the new site of the local Rancho Santa Fe school. As the population of Rancho Santa Fe grew due to the areas increasing popularity, this schoolhouse was built to accommodate for the rising student population. In the past, the building was used as a post office and now it is the office of the Rancho Santa Fe Homeowners Association.

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Due to the increasing population in Rancho Santa Fe in the 1930’s, a larger schoolhouse than the one in The Village was needed to accommodate the growing number of pupils. In 1931, construction of this new building off of Paseo Delicias began. It should be noted that Lilian Rice (who again worked in partnership with Hammond Whitsett) was commissioned to design this site of the new Rancho Santa Fe School as well.

As well as serving the purpose of a school during its use, the building later became the site of the post office. Eventually, a bigger school needed to be constructed to once again accommodate for a rapidly increasing number of students and the current school, named R. Roger Row School, was constructed off of La Granada.

Today, the second Rancho Santa Fe School houses office space for the Rancho Santa Fe Homeowners Association.

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Archives of Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society

Archives of Rancho Santa Fe Historical Society