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We will continue our walk across Central Avenue along Norland Road to Evergreen Nature Preserve. There are no bicycle lanes now but they are included in the CNIP. Along the way, we will pass Evergreen Cemetery. It is a City-owned cemetery. The entrance on Central Avenue has a large memorial to World War II soldiers.

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Evergreen Nature Preserve is a 77-acre urban forest with streams, trails, and a great place to catch a view of migratory birds. Eastway Middle School is across the street from the Preserve entrance on Norland Road. The north border is Evergreen Cemetery and the Sheffield neighborhood and Winterfield Elementary School form the south and east borders to this urban forest. It is a mixed hardwood forest with a flood plain along Edwards Branch. It is a great habitat for wildlife in the middle of a dense urban area. County Park and Recreation recently completed upgrades to the Preserve. There are now bathroom facilities, a covered area with picnic tables, a grill, and parking spaces.

Norland Road is a narrow 2-lane road needs the safety upgrades for pedestrian and bicyclists. This will be a welcomed alternative transportation route. As we will soon see it is a connector road to Eastway Drive.

Attached are photos of the Evergreen Nature Preserve entrance, a bicyclist riding in the vehicle travel lane because there is no protected bike lane and the new restroom and picnic facilities.