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The Petty's Run Archaeological site

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The Petty’s Run Archaeological Site lies within the State House Historic District, which is listed in the New Jersey and National Registers of Historic Places. This designation, originally bestowed in 1975-76, and the related regulations of the New Jersey State Register of Historic Places Act (Chapter 268, Laws of 1970) have been the main impetus for historical and archaeological inquiry at the site. As a direct result of compliance with this legislation and, to a lesser extent, the requirements of New Jersey Executive Order 215, a series of archaeological surveys and excavations has been conducted by Hunter Research, Inc. at various times since 1985.

Hunter, Richard and Ian Burrow

2014 The Petty's Run Archaeological Site, Iron, Steel, Cotton and Paper in Historic Trenton. Volume 1. Prepared for Wallace Roberts and Todd.

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Hunter and Borrow 2017