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Wilmington 1898 Coup d'etat Literary Tour

Created by Karin Zipf on April 18th 2017, 6:05:59 am.

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This tour offers a literary perspective on one of the most dramatic political takeovers in American History. In 1898, white supremacists in Wilmington, NC orcehstrated a massacre and coup d'etat that resulted in the deaths of many African Americans, exile of prominent members of a biracial political coalition and a coup d'etat that replaced the entire city council and mayor of the city. Each site features the work of one of several prominent authors, including Charles Chesnutt, Phililp Gerard and Michael White who dramatized the events of 1898 in their fiction and poetry. Students at East Carolina University have designed this tour to highlight the intersection of literature, history, and geography in a digital visualization. Each site at once serves as historical record, landmark, and insight into the human condition. This tour provides visitors a peek into Wilmington's multilayered personality.