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The Shiloh Baptist Church began its life as a Sunday School formed by African Americans just after the Civil War ended in 1865. The small following quickly began to grow a community in West Shelby and the decision was made to begin a church. The first location for the church was at the corner of Logan and Weathers Sts. By 1960, what began as a congregation of fourteen, had quickly outgrown its original home and built its current day structure off of Frederick St. The church at 413 Weathers St. was then purchased for use as a part of Genesis Funeral Home.

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Shiloh Baptist Church began its life as a Vacation Bible School shortly after the Civil War. Oral tradition states that this group splintered from other African American Churches in order to form their own church. This would be an ongoing theme for subsequent churches opened within the African American community of Shelby. Shiloh moved into its first formal building in the late 1880s which was at 413 Weathers St. in the Freedmon community of East Shelby. After a significant amount of growth the church would then be moved to where it currently stands on Frederick St. in 1960. The old building was then sold and became a part of Genesis Funeral Home.

Cowritten by Chavis Gash and Zach Dressel

with information taken from a written history of Shiloh Baptist Church which is located in the Cleveland County Historical Collection

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