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The Bethesda Farm Women's Market, also known as the Montgomery Farm Women's Cooperative Market is a farmers market that operates year-round in downtown Bethesda. The farmers market building is located on the corner of Willow Lane and Wisconsin Avenue and was constructed c. 1932. The market is the county's oldest market, and in addition, it represents a movement of farmers' wives in the Great Depression looking for new avenues of revenue.

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The Bethesda Farm Women's Market was started by a group of 19 farm women, led by Blanche A Corwin, in Montgomery County who were suffering from the Great Depression and low prices who needed more money. The market first opened on February 4, 1932, in an old store on Wisconsin Avenue, and it was a large success. By the end of 1932, the group moved into its current structure, and they purchased it in 1935.

The building of the farm market is a simple 105 feet by 45 feet rectangular frame on a concrete foundation, covered in german siding. Double door entrances on the east (rear) and west (front) lead into the one room structure.

Currently, the market has around two dozen vendors and is open three times a week. Recently, plans have formed to redevelop, move, and add an addition to the market as well as creating a much denser nearby space.

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