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Westchester County in the Gilded Age
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The John Wheeler House was built in 1873 in the French Second Empire style. Originally owned by John Wheeler who was said to have done some of the designing himself, this home is part of a large group of historic homes, going from Locust Hill to Bell Place. The John Wheeler House was added to the 1985 National Register of Historic Places.

John Wheeler House

John Wheeler House

The John Wheeler House is an historic home located in Bell Place, Yonkers, that was built in 1873 for prominent Yonkers resident John Wheeler. Along with being a prominent citizen of the city of Yonkers, Wheeler had significant holdings in local real estate in Yonkers, served a term as village trustee, and was a founder and long-time trustee of the People's Savings Bank of Yonkers. Even though John Wheeler wasn't a professional architect historians believed he designed some of the buildings on properties that he owned.

The John Wheeler House was designed in the French Second Empire style, which was similar to many of the other historic homes near it. Other designed houses in the Bell Place- Locust Hill Avenue neighborhoods were designed in the Italianate form, the High Victorian Gothic Style, and the Queen Ann style. A distinguishing feature of the John Wheeler House is the mansard roof, which has a concave curved lower slope.

In the early 1980s, The Wheeler House, along with other historic houses in the area, were in danger of being destroyed to be replaced by apartment buildings. To protect these historic homes the city of Yonkers applied for state and Federal landmark designation for the Bell Place Historic District. At the time four other Westchester districts, Rye, Katonah, Pound Ridge, and Ossining had already applied for landmark status.

In 1985 The John Wheeler House, along with all the historic homes in Bell Place to Locust Hill Avenue, was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

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