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Lawrence County Ohio Iron Industry Tour

Created by HST 231 (Marshall University) on October 25th 2020, 4:37:58 pm.

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This tour will lead you to several sites of the Hanging Rock iron region of the late 19th century. This region was the most productive for the United States at that time and produced iron for the civil war. The tour will first take you to the Lawrence County Historical Society and Museum, where you can see artifacts and information on the history of the iron industry of Lawrence County. You will then go to the Nannie Kelly Wright house, which was home to the second richest woman in the world at the time, Nannie Kelly Wright. After the Nannie Kelly Wright house, you will be guided to four different iron ore furnaces of the region. Each site and entry will have their own history and backstory, with the Olive Furnace entry containing an interview with the son of a local historian that worked to get the Olive Furnace its historical marker.