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Simon Gegunheim, a successful merchant and philanthropist, built this house sometime around 1900. Most Victorian-era homes built in the Queen Anne architectural style were destroyed in the hurricane of 1919, marking the Gugenheim House as a staple of Corpus Christi's "Old Town." The house was built on a corner lot, as evidenced by the off-center doorway.

The off-center front door of the Simon Gugenheim House

The off-center front door of the Simon Gugenheim House

Simon Gugenheim, a Texas native, moved to the Corpus Christi area in 1882. Some time later, he and a business partner established a dry goods company, Gugenheim and Cohn Dry Goods. Gugenheim married in 1891, and enjoyed successful petroleum investments. He built the Simon Gugenheim House sometime around 1900; it was originally located on a corner lot at 1101 North Chaparral Street, but was moved in 1926 to 1615 North Chaparral, in the middle of a block. The house was, however, designed for a corner lot, as one can see from the off-set front door. In 1977, the local Junior League moved the house again, to another corner lot.

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