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1885 Chinese Expulsion: Places & People
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At the time of these events, the Tacoma Daily Ledger was located at what 928-930 C Street, what is now called Court C. The Ledger moved its offices in 1890 to the newly-built Fidelity Building, which was demolished in 1949. The Ledger was very vocally anti-Chinese and racist, especially its publisher, Randoph Foster Radebaugh. There were also many articles written opposing the presence of the Chinese by its editor, J. A. Comerford. Comerford was supposed to have been arrested with the other Tacoma 27, but was run out of town prior to the arrests, and possibly even before the forced removal. Literally standing in for him in the picture of the Tacoma 27, Comerford's wife and child can be seen in the photograph. His wife also was selling pictures of the 15 and 27 after the forced removal and put an ad in the newspaper.

  • Fidelity Building (ca. 1895)
  • Tacoma's Twenty-Seven
  • Wife & Child of Ledger editor, J.A. Comerford