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The Realty Building was designed by famed local architect Morris W. Scheibel, notable for also designing the Central Tower Building. The Realty Guarantee and Trust Company commissioned the building, and construction was completed in 1924. One of the most notable events in the building's past came in 1955. In 1955 gale-force winds blew into Youngstown, ripping nearly the entire roof off, as well as causing $50,000 in damages due to falling debris. The Realty Building is now a 23-unit apartment complex after being renovated in 2009, continuing to serve the Youngstown community.

  • The Realty Building as it stands now.

The Realty Building has been a fixture of the Youngstown skyline since its construction in 1924. The building was designed by local architect Morris W. Scheibel, notable for also designing the Central Tower Building. Scheibel designed the building for the Realty Guarantee and Trust Company; the company paid $500,000 in 1923 to pay for the construction of the building. 


The building stood until 1955 with minimal changes; however, in 1955, a storm blew in to Youngstown, causing gale-force winds. These winds ripped nearly the entire roof off of the Realty Building, scattering debris throughout East Federal Street. This incident caused upwards of $50,000 in damages to Youngstown. The next significant change for the Realty Building would come in 1961 when William Cafaro and Marvin T. Itts purchased the building and soaked $200,000 into a renovation. The renovation included the installation of automatic elevators, a deep cleaning of the brick surrounding the building as well as constructing a new entrance. 


The Realty Building, like many historic Youngstown buildings, has been remade into an apartment complex. The building was purchased in 2000 by developer Lou Frangos in order to be turned into apartments. However, this plan was tabled until 2008 when the renovations formally began. The renovation was completed in 2009,turning the building into a 23-unit apartment complex, once again serving the Youngstown community. 

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