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The Lucinda Cady House, known otherwise as Cady-Lee, is a famed historic house in the Takoma neighborhood of Washington, DC. Named after the mother and daughter who owned the house, Lucinda Cady, and Mary Lee, respectively, the Cady-Lee was a project of well-known Washington architect Leon Dessez and was one of the largest buildings in Takoma for a time. In 2002, the Forum for Youth Investment purchased the home, and it is currently used to house much of the organization’s offices. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in May of 1975.

  • A view of the Cady-Lee mansion from 2011, by Farragutful on Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0)

In 1886, Henry Cady, a real estate agent, and his wife, Lucinda Cady, moved to Takoma Park in Washington, DC. At the time, the Takoma neighborhood was fairly small, and the Cadys wanted a home of their own in the park, so they called on architect Leon Dessez to design their home. Once the designs for the home were completed, construction was overseen by Frederick Dudley, and the house was completed in 1887. The Cadys lived comfortably in the house for years, but in 1906, Henry Cady died, leaving the home to Lucinda and their children. Not long after, Lucinda died in 1934, leaving the home to their eldest daughter, Mary Lee, a schoolteacher. She and her husband moved into the home and made numerous renovations to make it more up to date with modern conveniences. The Lees stayed in the home until Mary died in 1975.

After Mary’s death, attempts were made to tear the Cady-Lee down, but members of the Takoma Park community rallied together to stop its demolition. Their efforts succeeded, and on May 28th, 1975, it was placed on the National Register of Historic Places as the Lucinda Cady House. From there, restoration efforts were made to revitalize the home, and in 2002, it was sold to the Forum for Youth Investment in order to use as office space for their nonprofit. As of today, the Forum for Youth Investment is still the Lucinda Cady House’s occupant.

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