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Coopers Rock State Forest Civilian Conservation Corps Structures Tour
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Towering over 1,000 feet above the Cheat River, the Coopers Rock Overlook surveys one of the most quintessential West Virginia panoramas. The sandstone outcroppings that comprise the overlook were initially accessible to only the most physically fit and daring, as enjoying the view required scaling the rock by hand. The construction of the Coopers Rock Overlook was one of the first tasks Camp Rhododendron set out to complete. CCC members created a temporary bridge to the rock and erected barriers around the edges of it. These barriers still stand today and are composed of sandstone pylons connected by locust logs. After the overlook was made safe, a permanent bridge was constructed. It was similarly constructed using locust logs as supports with oak planks for the walkway. This bridge was maintained and repaired for several decades until it became untenable to ensure the safety of users. In the late 2010s, the bridge was largely replaced with a new walkway, though the support pylons and railings remain original.

  • Original overlook bridge
  • CCC member John Cortez on the overlook, ca. 1936-1942
  • Tourists on the overlook, ca. 1945