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Local freemasons have called the Masonic Temple home since it was built in 1915. The historic building is three-stories high and was designed in the Tudor Revival Style—with elements of the Elizabethan, Moorish, and Gothic styles—by Dutch architect Johannes Van Teylingen. Interesting features include decorative polychrome brickwork, a gabled entry tower with flanking arched entrances, and a pair of small balconies. The temple was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 2000.

The Masonic Temple was built in 1915.

The Masonic Temple was built in 1915.

The group that currently occupies the building is the Euclid Lodge No. 58, which was established in September 1903. Its members initially met in a commercial building on Central Avenue. When Euclid Lodge was created, it joined a few other masonic lodges that had been established many years prior. Beginning in 1908, they began debating the idea of building a grand lodge for all of them to use. They bought the property in February 1909 but construction didn't begin until June of 1914. The lodges moved into the building in the early part of 1915 even as work continued. The building was officially dedicated on September 15th.

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