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This is a Dr. Carl Safran Centre. It was originally named Central Collegiate Institute and was the first structure in Calgary built specifically for secondary education. When it was completed in 1907, it was the most modern school in Calgary featuring a self-contained heating plant and indoor plumbing. It is perhaps the most picturesque sandstone building in Calgary with its Castle-like roofline and ornate carvings. Perhaps not surprising since it was designed by W.M. Dodd who also designed Calgary City Hall. Like City Hall, it also has a clock tower and splendid arched entrances. Look closely and you'll notice one entrance is clearly marked for boys and the other for girls. School took on Dr. Safran's name in 1972. Carl Safran was Alberta's first school psychologist and began the special education system in the province. He was also the Chief Superintendent of the Calgary Board of Education, authored several key educational texts, and introduced culture-based intelligence tests that are used throughout the world. He has been called one of Alberta's great heroes of public education and the school name pays tribute to him as a leading light in the field. Now part of the adjoining Calgary Board of Education office complex, the school has been carefully restored. It retains its original stairwells, skylights, and dark wood windows.

  • “Postcard. Black and white photograph of Central High School in Calgary. A fence can be seen lining the front entrance and two houses are visible on the left hand side. Red text on front (top): ’High School, Calgary, Alta.’” pc_164

CORRECTION: The audio states that Central Collegiate was designed by W. M. Dodd this is incorrect the school was actually designed by Robert G. Gordon.


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