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Historic Downtown Ruston Walking Tour
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The former Ruston USO occupies one side of a party-wall commercial building that has always contained two stores. A restrained example of the Spanish Colonial Revival style, the USO is surrounded by other commercial buildings that fit the style of an early 20th century historic downtown. One story in height, the masonry building was constructed in the 1920’s and converted to a USO in 1943. The USO provided entertainment, refreshment, and a home-like environment for servicemen and women stationed in the area, or passing through on the railroad during World War II. The building has experienced some alterations through the years but recently underwent a historic restoration to recreate the original feel and look of the building. Thus, its National Register integrity and eligibility remain intact. The building is currently owned by Kevin Hawkins, who operates Hawkins Photography Studio in that location.

  • USO Scenes, N. Trenton Street, c. 1944-45