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Built in 1910 on a site the bank had occupied since 1896, the two-story masonry structure is decorated in Beaux Arts style. The building features a stone facade combining the idea of a Roman triumphal arch with that of a temple front. A clock was installed on the facade in 1927. The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990. It was also declared a contributing property of Downtown Ruston Historic District at the time of its creation in 2017.

  • Post Card of Ruston State Bank & N. Trenton Street
  • Ruston State Bank, 1920s
  • Ruston State Bank & N. Trenton Street - the bank is the building with the sunshade behind the buggy, c. 1910
  • Ruston State Bank & N. Trenton Street, c. 1920s