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The Orlando Museum of Art, (OMA) founded in 1924, is located in Loch Haven Park. The museum houses four permanent collections: African Art, Art of the Ancient Americas, Contemporary Graphics, and American Art. All of these are continuously enhanced by new acquisitions.

  • The Orlando Museum of Art
  • A view of the African Art exhibit
  • Image from the "All About Warhol" exhibit

Since its inception, the Orlando Museum of Art’s objective has been to benefit the culture of Florida by providing an excellent collection of visual art to the public. This mission is evident not only in the diverse collection of art exhibited in the museum itself, but also in the community outreach initiatives of the institution. An example of one of these initiatives is the 1st Thursdays program. On the first Thursday of every month, local artists showcase their work and the community is invited to come to the museum from 6-9 PM to listen to live music and mingle with the art community. Artists are invited to apply to submit their work for display at 1st Thursdays directly on the museum’s official website, further displaying OMA’s commitment to building a deep connection to the surrounding community. Art camps for kids of all ages are held during the summer and art classes are available for adults as well.

 The museum hosts interesting, dynamic, and diverse temporary exhibitions. “All About Warhol”, an example of one of these exhibitions, was featured at the museum from May 10-June 14, 2015. “All About Warhol” is a photographic portrait series of Andy Warhol. This series is the work of photographers William John Kennedy, Christopher Makos, and Paul Solberg, who were all close to Warhol. These photographs offer unique insight into the man who was Andy Warhol, rather than the exaggerated public persona he cultivated as part of his work. These pieces were in storage and nearly forgotten for almost fifty years until, in 2010, these images were published for the first time.

 The permanent collection is just as awe-inspiring and, with constant new acquisitions, just as dynamic, as the temporary exhibitions. Highlights of the African Art collection include beautiful objects to be worn in everyday life, such as textiles and beadwork. The Contemporary Graphics collection contains 270 prints, some of which were created by Andy Warhol. The Art of the Ancient Americas collection contains artwork covering a period of 3,000 years, featuring works from the North, Central, and South American regions. The American Art collection contains works from the Colonial period to the present. Highlights include works by Georgia O'Keefe and Will Harnett.

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