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    Indiana higher education and religion

    Created by A363 Hoosier Nation (Indiana University--Bloomington) on April 18th 2020, 1:31:13 am.

    This tour contains sites that show the relationship between religion and higher education in Indiana. All of these sites are universities or colleges. When Indiana have more diversity of people, there were many unique schools were founded in 1800s. The Northwest ordinance also inspire people to get education. In this tour, there are some unique school will be introduced. For example, the school opened for slaves at that special time. There is also a school that opened for female even before female get equal rights. Although they were so unique at that time, they were all founded based on the religious support. They have some similarities but also some differences. When all of these school were founded with religious support, they have different practice of religion today. Some of them are still under big influence of religion. Some of them have less connection to religion now. Some of them successfully combine religion and science. All of these school went through many difficulties in history, but there is one thing that never change: their faith to provide better education opportunities. We cannot deny that religion have great contribute to higher education in Indiana.