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History of Pocatello Idaho Driving Tour
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The Museum of Clean was established by Don Aslett, the Northwest's "King of Clean." The museum is dedicated to promoting a clean way of life in every aspect.

  • The Museum of Clean in Pocatello, ID
  • The World's First Vacuum
National and local visitors arrive at the Museum of Clean expecting the average 3000-5000 sq ft of history, antiques and pictures. Instead, they walk into an awesome 75,000 sq. ft (on a city block) complex of excitement, education and inspiration for the whole family.  Clean applies to 100’s—actually 1000’s of applications. Our museum goal is to touch as many dimensions as we can—in display, art items, slate, and participation. So come prepared to do and get more than just see… remembering this is not a cleaning museum, it is a museum of clean.