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Built in 1894 to replace Dr. E.L. Trudeau’s original laboratory which was destroyed in a fire, the Saranac Laboratory immediately was on the frontlines of the battle against tuberculosis upon completion. Built to be fireproof, the laboratory was a cutting-edge facility and was the first laboratory in the country that specifically studied tuberculosis. The building was designed by J. Lawrence Aspinwall, and fully funded by a friend of Dr. E.L. Trudeau. The left wing of the building was added in two stages in the 1920s to add more office space and a research library. This addition was funded by the family of John Baxter Black, a wealthy patient who came to Saranac Lake for treatment from intestinal tuberculosis. The laboratory was in operation at this site until 1964, when they moved to a modern facility on the edge of town. The Trudeau Institute is still in operation today. Historic Saranac Lake acquired the property in 1999; it had been modified when it was in service as dorms used by Paul Smith’s College students. In 2007, a massive project was undertaken by Historic Saranac Lake to restore the laboratory back to its original state. Following the completion, the Saranac Laboratory Museum was opened in the building.

  • Saranac Laboratory (c. 1907)
  • Near the back of the laboratory (c. 1907)
  • Tony Delahant, right, at work in with fellow laboratory technician, Robert Liddy, on left (c. post-1934)

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Courtesy of Kay and Marvin Best