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Historic Houses of Huntington Tour

Created by Emma Satterfield on March 16th 2020, 4:58:22 pm.

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Discover the history behind Huntington’s finest homes with this tour. Starting at the Buffington-McGinnis House, the oldest residence in Cabell County, and ending with the Freeman Estate near Ritter Park, the houses on this tour demonstrate how the city of Huntington developed from its founding in 1871 through the early decades of the twentieth century. Many of these homes also reflect how American architectural styles have evolved over time, from the Federal-style Buffington-McGinnis House, which was built in 1816, to the Art Deco-style Good Housekeeping Stran-Streel House (Ensign-Seelinger House), which was completed over a century later in 1935. While many of these homes have been restored and remain in use as private residences, several have not been as well-preserved, and others, such as the Enslow Mansion, have been demolished.