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"Art is my way of capturing and honoring a vision of the survival of the endangered." -Eileen Coughlin Turnbull

Cultural Crossroads

Blue, Sleeve, Wood, Art

Eileen Coughlin Turnbull is a local artist who works in charcoal, paint, and sculpture. Cultural Crossroads is a hempcrete sculpture and is a permanent addition to the heARTS of LYONS program.

Hempcrete is a biocomposite material that is lightweight and ideal for all climates. Hempcrete is often used in construction because of its strength and insulating qualities. Eileen Coughlin Turnbull uses it for her wall-hanging sculptures because of its durability, lightweight nature, and aesthetic appeal it offers.

The Lyons Arts and Humanities Commission selected a shelter in LaVern Johnson Park for this sculpture because it is a place where both locals and visitors gather. LaVern Johnson Park is a historic park adjacent to Lyons' downtown district. The St. Vrain River runs through the park and the recreation centers are surrounded by red cliffs. The heart of LaVern Johnson Park offered the perfect home for Cultural Crossroads.

Learn more about Eileen Coughlin Turnbull and the pieces she has available by following her on facebook!

This sculpture was placed by the Lyons Arts and Humanities Commission. This program is sponsored by the Lyons Community Foundation.

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