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Kirk Seese is a mural artist and public sculptor. He has installed works from the east coast to the west coast. See more of his work at

Sky, Cloud, Plant, Plant community

"The Feather is my debut sculpture design, after spending four years designing themed climbing walls in the active family entertainment industry for a company called ClimbZone, and almost twenty years painting public and private murals for my own business, BB Murals.

It is a direct response to the years of representational work I’ve been doing. I wanted to create something that was not based in reality, had no reference point and seemed to come from a different planet. Something unique. Something that came from inside.

The Feather, as I’ve been calling it for short, is wildly popular and consequently has been selected for temporary and permanent exhibits in TX, TN, CO, MD, IL, IN, MS, NC, ID, OR, IA, CA, and GA since it’s debut in early 2019."