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Creative Outlets is funded by the Lyons Community Foundation with the goal of adding vibrant artwork to our community.

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When he approached painting a utility box in LaVern Johnson Park, Ryan Sohlden was inspired by the history of the park. The historic park, which was previously called Meadow Park, was not always just open space, railroad tracks ran through the area during the height of the quarry industry. The town needed a place where trains could turn around to travel back down to Denver. Meadow park was the perfect spot for that.

The trains that ran from Denver to Lyons not only carried sandstone and limestone but passengers as well. Travelers would come to Lyons and then continue their journey up to Rocky Mountain National Park and Longs Peak. Ryan Sohlden worked with the Lyons Redstone Museum to create an accurate depiction of the trains that would travel through Lyons, into Meadow Park, and back to Denver.

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