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The Dakotaland Museum encompasses local, state, and regional history focusing on the Beadle County and South Dakota State Fair. The Museum boasts a collection of over 50,000 artifacts. Established in 1960, the Museum is in the 1913 Dairy Hall, where all of the State Fair dairy entries were at one time kept. It is the oldest building on the Fairgrounds.

The Dakotaland Museum is located on the South Dakota State Fairgrounds in Huron, South Dakota. Established in 1960 as The Pioneer Museum, it originally began as a tribute to the pioneers of the area. Artifacts poured in and the Museum quickly filled. Eventually, a name change occurred, and The Pioneer Museum became known as The Dakotaland Museum. Now, the Museum celebrates pioneer history, and Beadle County and South Dakota State Fair History. 

The former Dairy Hall is home to The Dakotaland Museum. Built in 1913, the building at one time featured coolers down the center of the interior containing the dairy samples for South Dakota State Fair Judging. It is the oldest building on the Fairgrounds. In 1963, a wing was added on to the east. The building is Neo-Classical in style and features an overhang supported by two brick columns.  The original metal trusses can be seen in interior of the building. 

Our Mission is to promote and sustain the historic and cultural heritage of Beadle County. This mission will be achieved by collecting, preserving, researching, and interpreting evidence of the County's irreplaceable past and making it available for the lifelong education and enrichment of present and future generations. This is what guides the Museum in all decision making. Our mission is to create a place for all to enjoy, learn and understand Beadle County history.   

Visitors will note there is a significant amount to see. Boasting over 50,000 artifacts, the history of Beadle County is explored at length. As the collection is fluid, the staff is always looking to freshen exhibits, and provide new information. From the two-faced calf, to a homesteading cabin, from dishes to zithers, there is something for everyone to see in the Dakotaland Museum.