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Michael A. Carroll Stadium is located on Indiana University- Purdue University(IUPUI) Indianapolis Campus, and was built in 1982. In 1992 IUPUI dedicated its track and field stadium to Michael A. Carroll- an original advocate for the university to build the stadium. Currently (as of 2020)the Michael A. Carroll Stadium has expanded to a T&F and Soccer Field. This stadium has a reputation within Track and Field (and now soccer) for being a great venue for several events including world championships, and nationally known running events. One of these events include the 1988 Olympic Trials where Florence Griffith Joyner placed a new world record for the 100 meter dash, and secured a spot on U.S. Olympic Team in both 100 and 200 meter dashes. This site is important to Florence's development as an athlete because it shows the development of her speed before competing in Seoul, South Korea. Before the 1988 Olympic Trials Florence received one silver medal in 1984 Olympics, and she even gave up on running to support herself. This site shows the transition she made with improving her technique as a sprinter before becoming "Flo Jo".

  • IUPUI Division of Student Affairs gives a display of Michael A. Caroll Stadium
  • IUPUI University Library shares in its Image collection the development of the Track and Field Stadium in 1982
  • IUPUI  University Library captures in its image collection, what Carroll stadium looks like at full capacity in 1982.
  • IUPUI Jaguars shows updated renovations made to Carroll stadium from 2012 which includes a soccer field.
  • Michael Conroy and Victor Mather of New York Times captures Florence Griffith Joyner shortly after 100 meter dash at Carroll Stadium during 1988 Olympic Trials

Carroll Stadium is home to Indiana University- Purdue University (IUPUI) located in Indianapolis, Indiana. This stadium was originally built in 1982 with a projected cost of seven million dollars to build, and currently seats a little over 12,100 spectators comfortably. Since opening day Caroll Stadium has been recognized as an “elite track and field venue” (3) for its consistency of serving Indiana community and national sport organization. At the time this stadium was only known as Indiana University Track and Field, the first year of opening they hosted running events for the fifth National Sports Festival (4). One article notes the University’s gratitude to the Eli Lily and Company Executive, who would later be honored.  

Some other points of service include NCAA Division 1 Champions (1985), 1987 Pan American Games, and 1988 Olympic Trials for Seoul.  After some traumatic events occurred in 1992, IUPUI made the decision to honor Michael A. Carroll. Michael A. Carroll was a civil leader who advocated for IUPU sport facilities expansion projects including the track and field stadium (3).  

Carroll, 51, helped acquire funding for the new Indianapolis Zoo and the city’s world-class athletic facilities, including the Hoosier Dome, the Indiana University Natatorium and track and field stadium, and the Indianapolis Sports Center.” (3) 

Even after Michael A. Carroll Stadium dedication, IUPUI was a host site for a few more running events. Some of these events include USATF organizations Junior Olympics, Outdoor Track and Field Championships, and (#). Currently the Caroll Stadium is a dual stadium for Soccer & Track and Field and continues to support Track and Field Championships on a few occasions.  

It was here during the 1988 Olympic Trials; Florence was being recognized for the world records she makes and the controversy of her skill development in sports media. In all three scores for the 100-meter and 200-meter dashes Florence was shown having top speed against her competitors and consistently placed either first or second. Particularly in the 200-meter dash, she shaved off more than .30 seconds off compared to 1984 Olympics. Many spectators believed the time was heavily wind aided, or the wind gauge possibly had a malfunction. Below are a few times from Florence’s 1988 Olympic Trials (Athletic World) and 1984 Olympics (Wallechinsky,1992) for comparison purposes.  

1984 Olympic Finals Los Angeles, California 

200 meter-dash: 22.04 seconds 

1988 Olympic Trials Indianapolis, Indiana:  

July 17, 1988; 100-meter dash new World Record-10.49 seconds in the quarter finals 

10.70 Seconds in the semi finals 

10.61 seconds in the finals 

July 23, 1988; 200 meter-dash: 21.77 seconds in quarter finals  

     21.90 seconds (wind assisted) in semi finals 

   21.85 in the finals   

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