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A historical marker that sits on a residential roadside honors Mollie Woods Hare (1881-1956) that was born in Roselyn PA, but later moved to Langhorne PA. She developed programs and a school for educating children with intellectual disabilities. She was a determined lady with good leadership skills that helped make this little school a huge success. There is not much known about her early life, we just know more about her vision of developing the school. April 13, 2010 a historical marker was installed in her honor for her pioneering programs that received widespread recognition.

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Her vision was to provide care for these students in a home- like environment that would help create or enhance the ability to handle everyday life problems, make normal adjustments, and know the happiest of achievement. She was a determined lady with good leadership skills that helped make this little school a huge success.

Mollie Woods Hare history dates back at 1913 when she had the idea of making a new type of learning experience and residential center for special needs students. In 1921 her school was so well- received that it resulted in a growth that lead to her school moving from Roselyn PA to Langhorne PA, and this move signaled a period of growth and international recognition in 1934. She later opened a research center that introduced a scientific basis to the methods of supporting and increasing the capabilities of these children. She became an internal leader in her field, and sponsor yearly conferences, and published journals in her field. She worked tirelessly toward the realization of her mission which was increasing the quality of life for her students.

She has a marker located 40° 10.386′ N, 74° 55.128′ W. Marker is in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, in Bucks County, but the exact address of the marker is 335 S Bellevue Ave, Langhorne PA 19047, USA. Her marker says, “She played a significant role in the development and advancement of theory and practice of educating children with intellectual disabilities. Founded by Hare in 1913, the Woods Schools evolved into a nationally recognized center emphasizing the integration of research, education, and rehabilitation for people with special needs throughout Pa. and the US. Her pioneering programs received widespread recognition for excellence”.

Her school has led to a huge success and today the school’s education focuses on their approach to special education, their foundations, and life skills support. Their approach to special education is designed to help students meet educational, emotional, behavioral, and medical needs that bring the student closer to meeting their own personal goals. Foundations of education program allows teachers to have the necessary tools they need to help students reach their full potential. The life skills approach is offered to students so they can live and work in the community, and is a combination of academic, daily living, occupational, and interpersonal skills.

Mollie Woods Hare school has changed a lot since she opened it, so I want to take a quick look at how this school has evolved. Their education overview is they offered special education programs for children and youth ages 5 to 21, and each student has their own education plan customized to best fit them. Their school programs were designed to help the students meet educational, emotional, behavioral and medical needs while helping each student meet their personal goals.

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