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St. Bede is a private school in the neighborhood of Ashburn within the community of Scottsdale. St. Bede is in the tail end of a huge change demographically. This page will be studying the demographics of the school and how the enrollment has been affected. The study spans from the year 2004 to 2016.

  • St. Bede
  • White students in 2004
  • White students in 2016
  • African American students in 2004
  • African American students in 2016
  • Hispanic students in 2004
  • Hispanic students in 2016

As a graduate of St. Bede and a member of the community I have seen the change first hand. I have seen the crime rise in the neighborhood and many events having to be cancelled due to the changes. St. Bede used to have a carnival every year but it had to be discontinued, although never confirmed most parishioners believe it is because of the crime and violence that would ensue due to the crowd it would attract.

Before I started this research I had a hunch that the demographics of the neighborhood was changing. After my research I concluded that the neighborhood is not changing, but has already changed. I used to find the demographics and how they have changed in the time a child goes from kindergarten to graduating high school.

The results shocked me, and I am sure the results will shock anyone who previously attended the school or lived in the neighborhood.

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