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Branch Rickey is one of the most important people in baseball history. He studied at The University of Michigan law school in 1907. Rickey also coached the University's baseball team from 1911-1913. Rickey got a large part of his foundation from the university of Michigan which is why it's such an integral place in his life. Rickey went on to vastly improve the game.

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Branch Rickey's career is full of amazing accomplishments and moments. He made many lasting changes to the game that had a huge impact on baseball and society. One of Rickey's most important discoveries while at The University of Michigan was George Sisler. Rickey recognized his talent and helped him to a hall of fame career. I chose the old location of the Michigan baseball field. Currently it is home to the university's chemistry building. This is where Rickey was able to become an excellent scout, coach, and much more.

Rickey coached the University of Michigan baseball team from 1911-1913. He was paid $700 for a season. At the same time he was enrolled in the law school. He graduated with a law degree from here as well. The University of Michigan is such an important place for Branch Rickey. Rickey is a huge part of history for the University of Michigan. Rickey eventually grew tired of the college atmosphere and decided he wanted to go bigger. Branch Rickey is now in the University of Michigan Hall of Honor.

Rickey went on to break the color barrier in baseball by signing Jackie Robinson. He also is credited with creating baseballs minor league farm system. He had many intelligent ideas for baseball and we still feel his impact today. Overall the university of Michigan was so impactful to Branch rickey because it gave him his start. This is where he learned to balance things. As mentioned before, he got his law degree while also coaching the baseball team. He learned many things here that helped him to become one of the most important people in baseball history.

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