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The White Plains Armory, designed by Franklin B. Ware and constructed in 1909, is a historic site in Westchester County. The building's unique castellated style of architecture along with its location, which where the first two county courthouses stood in Westchester, makes this site very historic. In 1776 the New York Provincial Congress met in the first courthouse and adopted a resolution approving the Declaration of Independence, making the location and the courthouse the birthplace of New York State.

  • Commemoration of the reading of the Declaration of Independence, 1926.
  • Postcard of White Plains Armory from website
  • Photo of the Armory and monument with an eagle to commemorate the old courthouse.
  • White Plains Armory.

The White Plains Armory, located at 35 South Broadway, White Plains, New York, is one of three military structures remaining in Westchester County. Designed in 1909 by Franklin B. Ware, the White Plains Armory is an example of castellated style of architecture.

Besides its architectural significance the White Plains Armory also has historical importance. The Armory is built on the location of the first courthouse in White Plains. (1) This courthouse was where the New York Provincial Congress met on July 9, 1776, to approve the Declaration of Independence, making this location the birthplace of New York State. The New York Provincial Congress was meeting in White Plains was because the New York City, its usual meeting place, was under threat by British forces. (2)

The Armory's front section is two stories high, painted yellow beige, and has rock-faced red sandstone. The drill hall is one hundred or one hundred and fifty feet and is eight bays long. If you go to the Armory's entrance you will see the words "NGNY" written in sandstone. (2)

In 1977 the White Plains Armory was vacated to the Armory Plaza, and in 1982 it became a senior citizen housing and senior center. The White Plains Armory was added to the National Registers of Historical Places in 1980. (3).

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